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Tamice Spencer-Helms

Author.  Consultant. Theo-Activist.
About Me

About Tamice

Welcome to the vibrant world of Tamice Spencer-Helms, a multifaceted force for positive change based in Richmond, Virginia. As a published author, speaker, and theologian, Tamice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every endeavor.


With a visionary spirit, Tamice founded Sub:Culture Inc. in 2018 dedicated to supporting black students holistically and providing essential crisis relief. Their academic journey includes Master’s degrees in contextual leadership and theology, with ongoing doctoral studies in social transformation.


Tamice's impact extends beyond academia, with over two decades of experience in youth leadership development and campus work. They are recognized for their contributions to theoactivism, philosophy of religion, and soulful leadership development, creating inclusive learning experiences for students from diverse backgrounds.


Certified in religious trauma, LGBTQ2S+ issues, instructional design, and equity and inclusion in higher education, Tamice is committed to fostering supportive environments where everyone feels valued and respected.


Through their writing, including the book "Faith Unleavened," and the engaging "Life After Leaven" podcast, Tamice explores themes of faith, activism, and social change, inspiring audiences with their approachable style and insightful perspectives.


Beyond their professional achievements, Tamice cherishes moments with family, appreciates fine whiskey, relishes good food, and finds joy in laughter and meaningful connections.


Work With Tamice

As a seasoned expert in areas such as Religious and Theological Studies, Equity and Inclusion, and Leadership, I am dedicated to providing transformative experiences tailored to the unique needs of your organization, institution, or team.


My services extend across Mentoring, Professional Development Education, Intergenerational Dialogue Facilitation, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Engagement, and much more.

I specialize in Queer Spiritual Direction, Religious Trauma Coaching, Learning Facilitation, and Curriculum Development.


Additionally, I advocate for queer inclusion in the church and forge new pathways for a post-Christian world that embraces multiple and non-faith perspectives.

To explore how we can craft an experience specifically designed for your needs, please book a 30-minute conversation with me here. Let's discuss how we can work together to inspire and educate.

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