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Tamice Spencer-Helms, offerings are each infused with her passion for education, empowerment, and transformative change. Whether you're seeking deepened understanding in leadership, spirituality, personal coaching through faith/reconstruction, or looking for an engaging speaker and thought leader, these offerings are designed to meet your needs. Explore our tailored programs and embark on a journey of personal and communal development, guided by Tamice's expertise and compassionate approach.

Modern Conference Room

Educational Workshops, Training, & Curriculum

Queer Spiritual Direction & Religious Trauma Coaching

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Areas of Expertise

Religious and Theological Studies

Discover the profound insights of Tamice in religious and theological studies. With a rich educational background, Tamice expertly navigates the complexities of diverse religious perspectives, theological concepts, and the nuanced impacts of religious experiences, including religious trauma. Her academic prowess illuminates the intersection of faith with everyday life, offering deep, thought-provoking perspectives.

Equity, and Inclusion 

Championing inclusivity, Tamice stands at the forefront of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in higher education, with a special focus on LGBTQ+ advocacy. Her commitment to creating inclusive educational environments and understanding the unique challenges of the LGBTQ+ community marks her as a leading voice in advocating for a more equitable and understanding world.

Mentoring and Leadership Education

Empowering the next generation, Tamice is a guiding light in youth mentoring and educational leadership. With a passion for nurturing the personal and professional growth of young adults, especially within the Black College community, she has made significant contributions through mentoring, teaching, and leading in various educational and non-profit settings. Her work is a beacon of inspiration and guidance for the next generation of leaders.

Public Speaking and Literary Contributions
Tamice is an emerging thought leader and speaker whose recent literary success has positioned her as a voice of influence. Her debut memoir has resonated deeply, leading audiences to recognize her as an insightful figure in the realm of social change and empowerment. With a natural flair for public speaking and a growing reputation for engaging and meaningful communication, Tamice is quickly becoming a sought-after voice in her field, offering fresh perspectives and inspiring ideas.
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